Don't Let Rust Destroy Your Building

Schedule rust restoration services in Saylorsburg or Allentown, PA

Rust may seem harmless at first, but it can eat away at your metal and become a safety hazard. Thankfully, you don't have to completely replace rusted metal objects. CK & Son Welding and Fabricating offers rust restoration services in Saylorsburg, Allentown, PA and the surrounding area.

We can remove and replace damaged sections on trucks, machinery, metal platforms and other metal surfaces. Not only will you keep your employees safe, but restoring rusted metal will also help you pass your inspection. Set up an appointment for our rust restorers today to get started.

What are the four stages of rust?

Rust doesn't break down metal overnight. There are four stages, which our rust restorers can work with:

  • Stage one - small patches of rust deposits become noticeable on the surface
  • Stage two - scale begins to form, weakening the material
  • Stage three - underlying decay begins, compromising the integrity of the metal
  • Stage four - rust has penetrated completely through the metal, so holes are forming
No matter which stage you're in, we can help. Schedule an appointment for our rust restoration services now.

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